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New Patient Reviews

  • Very friendly atmosphere!
    -Ryan R.
  • I felt good walking in, I felt FANTASTIC walking out! Thank you!
    - Gina M.
  • I highly recommend Dr. Scott to anyone with back pain, headaches, or musculoskeletal issues that wants to feel better and experience better mobility.
    -Brenda S.
  • I really do enjoy going to see these guys!!
    -April P.
  • Hey, I’m happy to have my health care issues being looked after by you folks. I trust you implicitly.
    -Charles M.
  • My 1st experience could not have went better. Very impressed and will be back again.
    -Gina M.

Made Me Feel Comfortable

Made me feel comfortable for my first time being at a chiropractor. I continue to do the stretches at home in hopes to heal my back. Very nice clean environment and a kind doctor that helped and explained things to me for each exercise we did and what he was doing.
-Katie R.

Exceeded My Expectations

I have been searching for a chiropractor who could actually help me for four years. I was about to give up when I finally decided to try your doctors after passing the business several times. Not only did I find a good doctor, but he exceeded my expectations. Best move I ever made. I am telling everyone I know about this practice!
-Sharon M.

Helpful, Knowledgeable & Kind

Receptionist Alyssa at Leechburg office is very helpful, knowledgeable and kind. I was in a lot of pain, barely able to walk. It meant a lot that she pointed out the "little lip" in the flooring to caution me to step a little higher, and helped me hang my coat up. "It's the little things."
-Darlene S.

I Learned A Lot

Learned a very lot and appreciate the information. It definitely is a different approach to my care, but Dr. Scott explained in a manner that was clear and I think will be a better way to deal with my back pain.
-Christopher B.

Very Thorough

Doctor Brian was very thorough. He took the time to explain to me why I was having particular issues and how we were going to correct those issues. He also gave me tips and exercises to do while I am at home.
-Brittney A.

Understood Me Completely

The staff and a chiropractor were very professional. I was taken immediately upon arrival as a walk in, and was treated very nice & was treated in a timely fashion. The chiropractor was very attentive and listened to everything that I had to say and understood me completely. The treatment I received was very good and I hope this may solve the problem! Looking forward to using your establishment again in the future. Thank you
-Thomas B.


I have since referred many friends and family members to Onyx as well as recommendation on social media. I look forward to my adjustments and enjoy the friendship I have with the staff members and doctor as well. Great job everyone! And it also always smells so nice in the office:).
-Reed N.

Absolutely Amazing

Brian was absolutely amazing. Feel like I received a great adjustment. He is very knowledgeable and discussed my issues with me and even addressed them again for my second visit.
-Katy F.

Amazing Simply Amazing

I walked into your office, limping, November 9th 2015, after months of severe pain(s) and after consulting a MD who could not do anything for me. When I walked out of your office I had no pain, and I felt like I was dancing, not walking. If someone had told me the same story that I have lived, I would have never believed it. I know it will take time to finish this therapy, but the beginning has been amazing just amazing.
-Stefano F.

80% Better After First Visit

This was my first time to a chiropractor and was quite nervous. Dr. Scott thoroughly explained my treatment to me made me feel very comfortable. I walked out of his office feeling 80% better on that very first visit. I will definitely go back when necessary and would highly recommend Dr. Dale Scott.
-Cindy O.

Feeling Improvement

This was my first visit to a chiropractor. The doctor diagnosed my problem rather quickly, explained the process of his care and began my treatment promptly. My back and leg are already starting to feel improved after this first treatment.
-Rick H.


We were very impressed with Dr. Scott and the office staff. My son who is a chiropractor in S. C. in his effort to help me over the phone had looked up your web site and recommended I call and make an appointment. I am so glad I did! I just feel with your care and time, my knee pain will respond to the treatment.
-Doris S.

You Rock

You guys rock! Front desk is always welcoming and happy to wait on customers. And Dr. Scott is a truly caring doctor. I would recommend and trust everyone I know in his care!
-Danielle S.

Tailored Treatments

Dr. Witkovitz is patient, focused and thorough. Your treatment is tailored to individual need unlike many other health care providers who focus primarily on patient turnover rates with quality of care being an after thought. Dr. Witkovitz is extremely detail-oriented and goes above and beyond to make sure the patient understands their aftercare expectations (i.e. explaining/demonstrating stretches, exercises and lifestyle modifications). The facility is newly remodeled and well appointed; the office staff does a superb job executing daily operations with efficiency, professionalism and care.
-Russell T.

To The Point

This was my first experience ever with a doctor in the chiropractic field and I must say that I left the office satisfied with all aspects of my visit. The staff, facility,and over all atmosphere from start to finish was top notch. I will recommend Scott Chiropractic to anyone thinking of making an appointment at any other chiropractor. The diagnosis and treatment received from the doctor was knowledgeable, straight to the point, and skillfully executed . -Adam A.

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